IN-STOCK Extra new hips part

VAT doesn't apply, art. 293B CGI, plus shipping

Delivery Time 5 - 7 Business days

Extra new hips part for Blooming Line body.
These parts can only be bought along with a doll, thank you for your understanding. 


New hips parts for Blooming Line body.
Includes the lower torso part and upper thighs parts.
You have to restring the doll to put it. I can do it for you if you want, just tell me by message.
You can buy it in extra with your V1 doll if you want to change.
These new parts makes the doll a little bit smaller (25cm instead of 26 cm)
Next pre-order will only propose doll with V2 body. 

Please note there might be a slight color difference with the rest of the body since they were not casted at the same time.