Obitsu 11cm anime head "Elf"


VAT doesn't apply, art. 293B CGI, plus shipping

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Delivery Time 2 - 4 Months

Resin anime head for obitsu 11cm white skin.
 Wears 8 mm eyes, 4-5 inch wigs.

Product Details

Resin anime head for Obitsu 11cm white skin.
Is made to fits 11 cm Obitsu white skin only!
8 mm random anime eyes are included.


Eyes size: 8mm
Wig size : 4-5 inch

Blank heads are ready to be shipped, if you choose makeup option please add around 3 weeks working time. 
If you want a basic makeup please choose the option and contact me. 

As every handmade product, it can contains small defects.

(Pictures below show you how the doll looks with makeup, wig and outfit)

Where to buy wigs?

I know many people are having troubles finding small wigs for their dolls, here are few websites who sells 4-5 inch wigs (my shop will soon provide some too):

- Dollce (Japan)
- Parabox (Japan)
- Leeke ( Korea)