Hi ! My name is Nina.

I'm a 25 years old doll makeup artist and BJD maker from the south of France.
I've always been into arts and handmade works since I'm a child.
I discovered Japanese fashion dolls (such as Pullip) and BJD when I was 15, and it quickly became my main hobby.
I started to customize my own dolls and the idea of doing my very own BJD rapidly became one of my dream.

I went to artschool and quickly realized I wasn't made for conventional routes, so I decided to create my own business and this is how Nina's Dolls was officialy born in 2020!

I received a 3d modeling training and I use 3d softwares such as Zbrush to design my dolls. I then print the prototypes with my 3d resin printers and prepare the master models to be casted in resin.
I always try to join aestheticism and posability to create the best doll possible.

I have many more projects and I hope I can share them with you along this journey!

Thank you for all your support :)