Makeup commission informations and price list


If you want to reserve a slot for faceup commission, please read carefully the following page.

You can contact me via instagram @ninas.doll or via my facebook Page Nina's Dolls.


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Here are some important conditions regarding my makeup commissions. Please read carefully. When reserving a slot, you agree with the following:

  • I do not work on recast/bootleg/counterfeit doll. 
  • I do not copy the makeup of other artist, I prefer that you use my previous makeup pictures as exemples of what you want.
  • I'm the most comfortable working on anime dolls, and doing rather natural and cute makeup.
  • I do not makeup Groove doll such as Pullip, Dal, Yeolume etc or Blythe.
  • I'm not comfortable doing makeup on male doll, doing gore or too dark makeup.
  • I do not feel comfortable enough to do mouth opening and modifications on dollfie dream heads that has not pre-opened mouth such as DDp Ribbon or DDH13. Please ask me if you want mouth mod so I can tell you if I can work on it. But I do offer DDH01 mouth and eyes sanding.
  • I do not accept working on damaged or stained doll.
  • I don't do makeup repair on other artist/company makeup.
  • I don't do partial makeup.
  • I work on waiting list. That mean that if you reserve a slot, you'll be put on waiting list with an approximative date of when I can take your doll for makeup. Delay may varies. If you cancel the reservation at the last moment, I will not accept reservation from you again.
  • Delays usually varies from 3 to 6 weeks. Of course it depends on a lot of things.
  • Please send your doll well packaged and in a package big enough so I can send your doll back in it.
  • I accept commission from outside the UE but due to the new European law, all VAT or custom taxes that I could pay when receiving your doll must be paid back to me. 
  • Payment is made via paypal in euros only. 

The process

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Once you contacted me, I'll tell you if I have slot available for makeup, and when I think it will be your turn. I ask you what kind of doll you want me to repaint and what kind of makeup you want. I can refuse the commission if I don't feel comfortable working on the model or that kind of makeup. Once we agreed, your name is putted on waiting list. When it's your turn I contact you, then you have 10 days to send the package to me (otherwise it would create too much delays regarding the other persons waiting). 
Once I receive the doll, I ask the payment and then start working on it. I send you picture of the makeup at each step so you can agree with how it looks. I will never seal what I do without your agreement.
When the doll is finished, I take good picture of it, ask for the return shipping payment and send the doll back to you.

Price list

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Prices may vary depending the complexity of the makeup.

Makeup :

  • Dollfie Dream/ Angel philia/ similar anime doll/ SD/MSD : 95 euros
  • Yosd and other tiny dolls  : 85 euros
  • Tattoo : Price depends on the size and complexity, please ask

Modifications :

  • Mouth and eyes sanding on DDH01 head : 40 euros
  • Removing makeup : 5 euros
  • Manucure/Pedicure on Dollfie Dream : 15 euros
  • Ear piercing : 5 euros
  • Eyelashes pose : free if provided, otherwise 5 euros