Basic 2 design DECAL TYPE

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Delivery Time 2 - 3 Weeks

Production time around 1-2 weeks.


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About the eyes


Original Design Basic 2 DECAL VERSION

Eyes with original design or anime / manga inspired for your anime doll (Dollfie dream, Smart doll, Parabox etc) available in sizes 10,12,14,16,20,22 and 24 mm.

What are decal eyes?

Decal eyes are design printed on water decal paper , applied on a hemispherical white acrylic base and then covered with high quality UV resin .
The result is more "cartoony" and looks more "flat" compared to full resin eyes.
It's suits anime doll particularly well.
The paper has no effect (like metallic effect) but glitter can be added on top 
(just write you want glitter when placing order)

I realize all my products with care but as this is a handmade product, it may have small imperfections such as small bubbles, overflow resin or small dust. 
The resin will inevitably yellow over time.
Please do not order if that bothers you.

The color may vary depending on the screen of your PC / phone.
Color won't be exactly the same as the same design made with metallic paper.

Time of realization: around 1-2 week

The choice of the size is your responsibility, I will not accept a return/refund if you've made a mistake choosing the correct eye size for your doll, thank you for your understanding :)

Feel free to send me a message if you have a question, need help regarding the size or anything else!

Photo model: Dividing Line Blind box bjd wearing 16mm turquoise color