Doll pacifiers

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Delivery Time 2 - 3 Weeks

Production time around 1-2 weeks.


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About the pacifiers


3d printed and magnetic pacifiers for your dolls such as MDD, DD, tinyfox, bjd etc

/!\ The pacifiers are 3D printed /!\ 

This means that despite placing the support points on the less visible sides (back and sides of the pacifiers), and sanding them, you'll have printing lines and some supports points marks remaining. Please do not buy if it's something that bothers you. 

The resin is directly colored so there is no risk of stain unlike paint.

Also please remind that this is an handmade work, so it cannot be perfect, and some irregularities such as printing lines, sanding marks etc will remains.

The pacifiers handles can move but please note that they are fragile. Please always handle with care. If the handle pops out from their place, you can put it back gently.

All the pacifiers are attached with magnets that you put inside your doll head (magnets provided)

Pacifiers are designed to go on DD/MDD head but also fits Tinyfox and smaller doll as you can see on the last picture 🙂

Production time : 1-2 weeks