Resin elf ears for Dollfie Dream

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Delivery Time 2 - 3 Weeks

3D printed and sanded elf ears for Dollfie Dream
Production time : 1-2 weeks

About item

Resin 3d printed elf ears for Dollfie Dream doll.  Made on order.

They match the DD semi white skin but can be used on a flesh skin DD if you blush them. 

The ears hold by putting a little bit of adhesive paste. Beware that depending the adhesive paste you use, it can leave residue on your doll.

The ears are 3d printed and then sanded by hands. Despite the care I put in sanding the ears, supports points marks will remains as well as some minor defects.

The ears fit on the majority of DD head models, the adjustment being more or less good at the back of the ears depending on the model. 

Here are for the moment the models on which I was able to test the ears and which are suitable: 
DDH01, DDH03, DDH06, DDH07, DDH09, DDH10, DDH22, DDH27, DDH28, DDH29, DWC01, DD Sasara, DD Anastasia, DD Sakuno Uryuu, Obitsu 50-04 , DDP Coron, DDP Ribbon, DD Jeanne of Arc, DD Mariko, DD Makoto

Doesn't fit : DD Asuna

I do not know exactly if they will fit on others heads, I will update the list of suitable heads as I go.

This remains a handmade product, the color may not match 100% depending on the age and color of your doll, please do not purchase this item if you expect a 100% perfect color match.